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We hear it all the time...

We hear it all the time.  "I have been wanting to go solar for a while, but I can't stand talking to the pushy sales reps and energy consultants at solar companies."  We get it. That is why at Titus we do things different.  Not only are we a local company passionate about helping our neighbors in the Ozarks go solar, but we do not use commission-driven sales reps.  With us, you work work one-on-one with a managing parter.  We will explore if solar makes sense for your home or business and give you the facts.  Not a sales pitch.  Sound good?  

What Are You Looking To Do?

Save Money And Lock In Energy Costs & Beat Demand Fees!

Energy costs were already on the rise BEFORE the current rate of inflation. Now, many families are being caught off guard as utility companies increase rates and add demand fees.  With solar most save hundreds of dollars per month while paying zero usage fees!  If you are an Ozark Electric member you can slash your demand fee in addition to your other savings. 

Learn More About Solar Savings

  • Many utilities in our area have not yet increased rates for inflation. In fact most of them are just now starting to raise rates for the first time in several years, catching many families and businesses off-guard. Solar allows you to lock in your cost now so you never have to worry about rising energy costs.
  • Solar homes sell on average 20% faster and can raise the market value of your home. 
  • If you could lock in what you were paying for gas five years ago would you?  Well, solar lets you lock in your energy costs now.  Forever.
  • Lower Your MOnthly Bill
  • Solar Homes Sell 20% Faster
  • Beat Inflation By Locking In Your energy Cost.
  • Have Peace of Mind
  • Affordable!  backup Power Is More Affordable Than you Think.
  • Keep essential items on. Even when the grid goes down.

Always Have Power. Even When The Grid Goes Down.

At Titus we offer affordable battery options for any budget, so your lights are always on.  The batteries we use are safer than a kids RC car, but powerful enough to run your entire house.

Learn More About Backup Power

  • From a single light to the entire house, we can design a backup solutions that is right for you and your budget.  In fact we offer solutions no one else in the area is offering.  
  • From storms to global events, backup power offers peace of mind because you will never have to worry about being without power. 
  • Backup power is especially helpful for those who live in rural areas, have medical devices that need power OR those who have job that requires them to have power at least some devices 24/7.

SaveTrees. Help The Environment.

You don’t have to hug trees to want to help our planet.  Switching to clean renewable energy is a huge win for the environment.

Learn More About Backup Power

  • Solar has 18X LESS the carbon footprint of coal and 11X less than natural gas.
  • Every kilowatt installed lowers your home's carbon footprint by 3,000 lbs per year.
  • After installation, zero carbon emissions will be produces to power your home for the next 20-30 years. 
  • Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint
  • Have a green home that produces zero carbon emissions for the next 30 years.
  • prevent on average 18,000 lbs of carbon emissions each year. 
Tired Of The Pushy Sales Reps From Other Companies?
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Solutions We Offer

Roof Mounts

Roof mounted systems are the most common.  Prior to installation we will do a complete roof inspection.  If we find storm damage we can work with your insurance company to see about replacing your roof before we install your new solar system.

Ground Mounts

If you have the space, ground mounts are a great solution because they allow for optimal orientation to the sun to maximize your solar production.  These setups also make it easier to keep your panels clean and remove snow in the winter if needed.

Commercial Installations

Have a commercial space you are wanting to power with solar?  Our team has years of experience sizing and installing systems for commercial and industrial applications.  

Battery Backups

When it comes to solar, nothing brings peace of mind like a battery backup system.  Where you are looking to power a freezer or your entire house, we can design a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Go Solar With $0 Down!

It doesn't take a dime to go solar.  All you need is a credit score of 640 or higher and you can go solar for $0 down.

  • ZERO Down Required For Installation
  • Low APR's

We get it. You want the facts. Not sold.

At Titus, many of our customers have told us they had wanted to go solar sooner, but hated talking to pushy "energy consultants" and sales reps at other companies. 

That is why we do things differently.  This is just a small part of our promise to you.

  • We are a local company based in Springfield.  Not a multi-state corporation.  We serve our community and our neighbors right here in the Ozarks.
  • We do not use high-commission driven sales reps that add thousands to the cost of your system and who are only interested in getting a sale.  
  • We believe in transparency.  We do not sell you on the idea of a "Tier 1" solar panel so that we can pick the cheapest panel we can find.  You will know up front  the solar panels we plan on using for your project. 
  • Our team has installed thousands of systems. Regardless, we will not rush them through your job just to keep to a timeline or to hurry off to the next.  We will take our time and guarantee the highest quality installation possible.


What is the financing process like?

Our financing process is easy!  The application process from start to finish usually takes less than 5 minutes.  Simply fill out a secure form either online via a link sent to you (or in person) and receive an answer instantly on your approval status.  

How fast can I get installed?

The timeframe varies depending on where you live.  In many cases we can get you installed within 30 days.  However, some utilities take the full 90 days allowed by Missouri law to move you through their permitting process.  In these cases we aim to get you installed within a few weeks of your project being approved.  

Do I qualify for the 30% tax credit?

That is a question best answered by your accountant.  It is always important to note, that his is a tax credit.  NOT a tax refund.  Tax liability is what is going to determine if you are allowed to take the full credit the first year or if you will need to spread that credit out over a couple of years.

Do I need a battery?

If you are looking to go completely off-grid or are needing to guarantee you will have power for certain devices in the event of an outage, then yes.  You will need a battery.  However, if you are simply looking to go solar to lock in energy costs, then you do not need a battery to take advantage of the benefits of going solar.